Business Owners & Commercial Package Policy

A typical business owners policy, also known as a BOP, covers small to mid-sized businesses, commonly referred to as “Main Street” businesses.  Some examples of businesses usually insured with a BOP are retail stores, contractors, restaurants, pizzerias, offices, and auto service shops, to name a few .  The policy covers your property, liability, loss of income and a host of additional coverages.  Our companies offer various enhanced endorsements to cover specific needs for each business class.

A Commercial Package Policy, also known as a CPP, is used when a business does not fit the parameters for a BOP policy.  A CPP policy is usually used for mid to large sized businesses.  The policy combines property, building and/or business personal property with general liability coverage.  There are numerous endorsements that can be added to the policy to meet the specific needs of a business, thus giving you more of a tailored policy.